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Hello my BCA friends, I am still alive and well.

What have I been doing during my disappearance?
Making some big decisions and changes.

I am in China right now (again..), and I will be staying here for about a year. During the year I will be staying in goldfish farms, visiting institutions, watching and learning everything about goldfish. Does that mean the business is closed? Not quite. I will further explain this part in the future. One good news for all the goldfish lovers is that I will again be writing goldfish related things I see in China. Ever wonder what life is like in a goldfish farm? Now here is your chance to experience it with me!

I have also made a major major update to the website. Now it has all the gears needed to expand. It even has its own forum! Since it is so new, many things are still not perfect. Good or bad feedbacks are both welcomed. Before you start going to the site please make sure your browsers are up to date (especially IE users).

Oh one more thing, there is a goldfish and koi competition taking place in Beijing and of course, I will be reporting it to you all :D

Hope to see you all on the new site!

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