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Next incoming shipment Friday April 8th.
Rasbora kuboti
Galaxy rasbora
Super delta elephant ear female bettas
German Rams medium
Gold Rams medium
Glow light DANIO
Blue turquoise discus 8-9 cm
Blue diamond discus 10 cm
Golden discus. 8-9 cm
Snow White discus 10 cm
Red dragon discus 7.5 cm
Assorted koi 3 inch
Assorted koi 4 inch
Red white pearl scale goldfish
Neon glass tail guppy pairs
Red butterfly guppy pairs
Cardinal tetra
Rummy one tetra
Lemon tetra

Also plants
Anubias. Nana , coffefolia,barteri,
Crypt wendtii
Egeria densa
Java fern
Indian fern

As usual possible some won't ship. But here's hoping !

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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