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Next planned fish arrivals
Thursday evening
Lemon tetra
Female red halfmoon bettas hopefully
Fire red shrimp
Black and white crystal shrimp
Yellow fire golden top shrimp
Orange neocaridina shrimp
Blue diamond shrimp
Super blue neocsaridina shrimp
Green jade neocaridina shrimp
Japonica shrimp
Red Pinocchio nose shrimp
Cardinal tetra
German Rams
Electric blue Rams
Hara jerdoni Asian stone fish
Black diamond neon tetra
Moustache danio
Glass Thailand cat

Also plants .

As usual
Some may not ship.
But there should be lots
Of shrimp !

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Hello April.

I'll take 10 blue diamond or super blue Neos. I'd prefer blue diamond but won't be able to pick up until Saturday March 12th.

Best regards,


Tankful in Vancouver!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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