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Expected arrivals
February 2nd Groundhog Day!
Red guppy
Neon guppy
Female guppies
Rummynose tetras
Yellow tail Congo tetras
Galaxy rasbora
Kuboti rasbora
Brigitte rasbora
Electric blue Rams
Haststus Pygmy cories
Habrosus Pygmy cories
Pygmaeous cory
Sterbai Cory
Oranda 10 cm
Tricolour oranda
Butterfly goldfish

February 4th Thursday end of day
Halfmoon bettas
Clown loaches 7.5 cm
Calico bubble eye goldfish
Red and white Ranchu
Calico Ranchu
Red and white oranda
Lion head oranda
Aura blue shrimp
Red rili shrimp
Orange rili shrimp
Few plants
Bolbitis etc

Feb 2nd Tropica plants
Pots and 123 grow

As always there could be some that don't ship.
I'll confirm when I get my packing slip.

Keep toes and fingers crossed lol.
Thanks for looking !

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Hi April

I am interested in a few Clown loaches. Let me know when they arrive and what would be the price for them.
Also was interested in Madagascar Rainbows as informed while picking up the 4 x Sae last weekend.


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Wow those rams are amazing.

April what's the sizes if the emerald and galaxy rasboras that you have right now? Thx!

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Hi April,

I was wondering if you had any of the Habrosus Corys left? And if so how many and how much are you asking? I've had them for few years but I am down to just one little guy left. I feel awful that he's lonely and would love to be able to come pick some up this afternoon. I haven't been able to find them any where since I bought my first bunch!

Thanks in advance!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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