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Incoming shipments nov. 23
Red zebra danios
Assorted butterfly goldfish
Albino cories
Blue tetra boehlka fredcocchi
Diamond tetra
Cobra guppy
Albino bushynose long fin (I hope)
Panda guppy

2nd shipment
Hummingbird lampeye (poropanchax myersi)
Axelrodi rasbora green
Betta hendra pairs
Ploegs glass fish (gymnochanda ploegii) small glass fish
Smoke pariba Angel
Tiger Sumatra shrimp
Orange Sakura shrimp
Yellow fire shrimp
Blue Carbon shrimp
Bloody Mary shrimp
Blue Pearl shrimp
German blue Rams
Electric blue Rams
Pygmy cories
Golden panda cories
Shadow catfish (pelteobagrus ornatus)
Santa Claus swordtails
Cardinal tetras
Red pencil fish
Blue stiphodon goby
Red neon goby Sumatra
Super red devil angelfish
Betta halfmoon
Chocolate gourami vaillanti
Tiger endlers
Dwarf blue panda guppies
Full red guppy albino

That's all folks!,
Cross your fingers they all arrive.

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when will the shipments be available for sale?

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Have three pairs available as
Long as they arrive. 28.00.

I have requested the double tail
Santa swords. I have a couple
I had ordered from a
Private breeder and hope to add more to my colony. If not I'll get
My friend in the spring .

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