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So by either fate or good fortune, I've found my most favorite fish! :D

He (I believe it's male) comes in the form of a juvenile (about 1.5 inches long) ocellated puffer- Tetraodon cutcutia.

Pic is of the wonderful specimens that Grant has at IPU and not of my own:

He's a striking olive green color but difference from the above pic is that he has a red-spotted tail trim. He is in a medium planted 10G alone.

I can't find any articles about this characteristic. And now that he's settled into the tank and his appetite indicates good health, I've noticed some behavioral changes.

I haven't found anything online yet about this so my questions to all the puffer keepers out there are:

Is this red-spotted tail trim common in the species and a possible indicator of sex?

How come when I turn on the light he seems to darken up especially around his head area and swims more vigorously. He also fans his tail as if to display??

Other than that he seems to have a very good temperament and is always exploring all four corners of the tank unlike what I've read about how these guys usually behave.

Any and all help would be appreciated.
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