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I believe I've gone to more than half of the greater vancouver LFS's in search of nice pieces of driftwood or spider wood that I can actually use to make trees in my aquascape. No luck so far, what I've found is:

-Huge branches
-Huge lumps of driftwood
-Spider wood that looks like an alien's nightmare
-Nice looking (small) pieces but that have very few or cut branches.

Could someone direct me on where to get something nice that I can use as trees?.

I saw a couple guys that did wonderful 'scapes with some awesome stuff, where did you get it? (I also tried looking in amazon, but no luck).

Am I doomed to walk around the forest to see if I find something? (If that is the case, how do you treat or make a piece of wild wood into something workable in an aquarium?)

Kudos btw, to a certain shop in downtown vancouver, very good service and had the closest to what I needed.

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