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Have a look and if the ones that aren't what you ordered I can refund or give the smaller ones for a lower price. Some were sent too small and the gold cap pearl scales turned into others. Read kelvins explanation and look at the pics.
I took some photos today and here is the link:[email protected]/
They are on page 1 and 2, number 26 to 1.
The farm made some mistakes on the fish, instead of two black butterflies they sent me 1 black and 1 chocolate.
Instead of 4 "smaller" pompoms, they sent me 2 baby sized (photo 11) and two larger ones (photo 12,13).
The "yellow cap" crowned pearl scales are replaced with two black crowned pearl scales (photo 14), they are much more rare than regular pearl scales.
I have 2 "yellow cap" crowned pearl scales in my farm (photo 24,25) but the quality isn't as good as the ones I showed, I can lower the price if the buyers think they are acceptable.
The "small" chocolate and "small" blue orandas (photo 11) are also baby size... I can lower the price if the buyers will want them.
So here was everyone's orders below.
1 black butterfly big even eyes
I red cap
1 large pompom
1 yellow cap, so either replace or refund.
I black oranda
I cat face orange lion head no black or white marks

Cat lion head all orange
Black butterfly
Small blue oranda

Djamm and Ellie
Large pompom

2 gold head pearl scales. Might have to choose others.
There's also lots of babies to choose from.
There's also an explanation I asked for in getting good head growth

The time it takes for the fish to have head growth depend on how you feed them and keep them.
If you feed them good quality food (high protein, live food), the head grow can be fully grown within one year, if the fish is poorly kept the head growth might never grow.
The genetic potential is a smaller factor, most of the fish can have decent head growth if raised right.
You can predict the type of head growth from younger fish though, like if it is a firm cap or a chrysanthemum shaped etc.

Here's the babies coming

For baby fish 1/3 of them will be red and red white ranchus, the quality is pretty good, they are sold higher price in pet stores.
The rest will be mostly butterflies (assorted coloration) and a bit of everything (oranda, bubble eyes, pearl scales, dragon eyes, celestial, etc)


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Is Kelvin waiting for our answers before he ships them or he'll go ahead and ships what he has and make price adjustments if they aren't the colour/size that we want?

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possibly thursday morning..and some were wrong fish some of the pompoms are baby size . and one black butterfly turned into a chocolate.
once they come..we can sort them out according to what you ordered.
any that are left..are....MINE!! lol.
ill report in when they arrive and in their holding sections of my new setup.:D

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Hello the order is closed now. Paperwork was already submitted to airline for shipping. I can't add anymore. There will be baby lionheads available.
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