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both are before my time..
Wow, you go a long way back for someone that only has 8 posts :rolleyes: :)
a time traveller perhaps ...
Wow, you go a long way back for someone that only has 8 posts :rolleyes: :)
I remember when dirt was invented.
I wasn't a member back then. Not for a few years until after water was invented.
The first 2 were just before my time. I think I started reading somewhere in the 2nd iteration and joined in the third in 2006. :D
...and darb wins the grand prize! A custom fitted straight jacket with stainless steel buckles!! ooooohhh!! :)
I was looking for BCA archives wondering if anything could be saved. Fed into wayback machine. Not a lot of much useful so far but interesting to see the progression of BCA. Especially for those of us that weren't around wayyyyyyy back then.
Enjoy : :)*/
I remember the second one that is all blue. I was not a member though but I remember looking at the site.
Not a lot is 'clickable' but the 'fish species' from June 8, 2002 is.

also found that once you've clicked on 'fish species' you can click on a particular fish type
I'm from another planet. Looks pretty normal to me. Hey, you guys don't sell much; no one has any goodwill, including "moi". !)
hard copy isn't just a tv show..........zzzzzzzzzzzzz
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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