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omg Slow It Down!

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My 5gal has a TopFin10 HOB and I'm afraid the outflow is waaaaaaaaay too powerful for my little betta. I had a whisper in tank in there before but he kept swimming into the filter and sleeping (he may have liked it, I did not). Plus it didn't do squat as a filter (came with the tank).

Anyways, how do I slow down the flow? These filters do not have an adjuster. :( Maybe a piece of sponge just before the outtake?

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I'd try placing a piece of sponge over the intake tube...this should help reduce the flow...I have a bunch of AC 20's for sale $10 ea and I'm pretty sure I may be heading out to lang this weekend...let me know if your interested...

I found this may help

Thanks Dean. I'm not sure I want to try the "breaking" technique but I'll buy a sponge when I am out today :) I had a AC before and wasn't a fan. But again, thank you for suggesting!
I found a plastic rockwork shelf that I suction cupped under the filter outlet. It diverts the water sideways.

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great idea I have lost a couple bettas due to current caused exhaustion
That's a good idea Kaisa!! I'll put that into effect when I come home from Bellingham :D
Hey that's what I do!!!
I've been doing this for years too.
I thought I just thought this one up.
I should've looked online.
I called it my "ghetto diffuser". :D

The only difference is I leave it longer, so it touches the glass.
It flows down the glass a little & out the side more.

I had pix up on the old site.
So I just made it, like Ghost said I left mine longer as well so it goes out the sides and down the glass.

WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!! Plus, it's special... it's from a Cherry Coke bottle ;) lol
I always use empty water bottles.
Glad it worked out for you.

These "ghetto diffusers" also let you leave the water level lower in case you have any jumpers, or fish who like to attack their reflections in the glass tops.
(Like my RD :rolleyes:)
or shrimps, that like to climb out. lol I was very worried about my betta, he's only about half an inch big, so it was waaay too much for him :(
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