Six Opae Ula in a 1-gallon glass container with crushed coral substrate and an XL red lava rock. I'll also include enough food (spirulina flakes) for several months! Just top up the water and feed once each week, and watch them thrive!

These shrimp can live up to 25 years and have an incredibly low metabolism and bioload. The rock has been cycled for over a year in an established tank, (where they breed like crazy). You can also add Chaeto macro-algae for a pop of green! They don't like water movement. They don't need a heater, but I find they breed more effectively at around 75F, so you can add a tiny one if you'd like.

(I have them at 1.015 salinity, and they do well as low as .010. Every six months or so you'll want to get a spectrometer, marine salt, and do a 25% water change, but they really are the easiest and most hardy aquatic critters you can get! :D