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Hello friends!

I thought I'd do a journal of my tank that I'm about to set up since I got just a great deal on this set. I'm hoping I could get all the feedback from you all and any suggestions help!

Tank Equipment

Tank: Fluval Osaka 155L (41G)
W 61cm x D 46cm x H 61cm

Filter: Fluval 205 External Filter

Lighting: Life-Glo & Power-Glo T5HO Bulbs + UV Light (will find name later)

Heater: Fluval Tronic Heater 200W

ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil
Cured Basalt Stone
Large Driftwood


Okay, so on with the journal. I havn't really done much because I really want to get this look right. I'm shooting for the island look but at first I'm going for a the barren rock island. Here is what I've got now. I set it up last night but I'm still staring at it to see if any changes should be made.
Reptile Gas Wood Rectangle Glass

I'm going for this sort of look
Plant Water Terrestrial plant Organism Underwater

What are your opinions on this?

Livestock: I'm completely up in the air with this too, here's a game! What would you stock this with and why?

Plants: I suck at ID'ing plants so if anyone can help me with the second image, I love all the plants in there can you give me a list?

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