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My Oscar cichlid have 10 inch. I have him over 8months. In last month he always floating on the top. Sometime his body side up and not swimming well. So I put him in hospital tank for 10days without any medical . After he look ok, he can sty in the bottom. but after I put him back in my 100gal, first day he look fine , but second day he floating up again. Sometime he wil eatting. But he look hard to balance his body.
Other cichlids like sevurm , parrot , Texas , knife fish , clown loach all normal . I have change 40% water change 5days ago. Wash the xp4 filter and replace the new carbon . pH always keep 6.8 ∼7.2 ,
What happen to him, how can I thread him.
100 gal tank
Xp4 filter
2 power heard water filter
Temperature always 25 -30 C
Change new carbon
Ph 6.8 ∼ 7.2

Need help.

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bloat maybe? you feed floating pellets? anyway that's what im thinking
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