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I am really excited about this weeks shipment's so far. Some fish of note as follows:

Green Mascara Barb Puntius filamentosus a great size at $24.99! Richmond only
Platinum Angelfish Pterophylum scalare great shape at $12.99! Rcihmond only
Banded Archerfish Toxotes jaculatrix at $14.99! Burnaby only
Featherfin Rainbowfish Iratherina werneri at $3.99! Burnaby only

from our Nigeria supplier we brought in some Baby whales, Elephant nose and Pom Pom Knife fish.

Also to note, our Malaysian supplier out did themselves this week with some of the nicest Guppies I have seen in a long time.

In addition we received in the Burnaby store Green Barred Danio Barilius pulchellus a less common Danio of good size. Very distinct green vertical barbs once they settle in. You can expect to see some of these beauties in Richmond's 265 barb display.:D
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