Purchased so many things on this site. Sold not many
Used items
Rodi system with expander container and spigot. Needs at the vary least new rodi container 40.00
Miracle mud 10.00 used it for a awesome macro algae salt tank SOLD
Pin point salinity probe and calibration fluid 15.00 SOLD
Small powerheads 3 for 10.00 Sold
10 gallon with damaged hood and light . 10.00
10 gallon with glass lid and filter with extra motor 15.00
Small aquaclear 5.00 no basket
5 gal heaters 3.00
Other heater 5.00
Salt tests and medications. Older but still usable as backup or whatever 40.00 sold
5 gallon custom cube with internal sump free with decent purchase
Chilliwack bc
I will test if your serious in knowing. I'll make sure heaters turn on . Won't really know if the are perfectly accurate so price reflects

I can make a package for the ten gallons if needed .
50 gallon, lights, heaters, pumps etc will be posted tonight also