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Plant help please

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K so I have a cheapo Hagen co2 thing
ah low watt light(40w)
and I was going to get various fertz soon
now I am wondering what kind of plants I'll be able to put in there And if I should just stop being cheap and find some better stuff, and if so does anyone have anything for cheap.

Now this is all for a 75 I wasn't planning on tons of plants just to make it look nice with the discus
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You could grow some plants as others have said, but they're not going to ever be as nice as someone with a proper lighting setup. I agree with Adrian about the Sunblaster, or even an old 4' Coralife NO t5 setup would be good.
Is that a power compact? If it's 4 feet long, yes. But one of these, with our 15% discount, would be enough:

You also have to remember none of these would fit in those all in one canopies. You have to run a glass top or open top depending on the light.
If you're into DIY then you can also do the 2x55w kit from AHsupply:
I wouldn't go much more than 2wpg t5 if as someone new to plants, that's just my opinion. There's a fine line between good growth and excessive light leading to nutrient and carbon imbalance which means algae outbreak. More light is not always better once you reach the minimum amount needed to grow plants properly. That 2x55w AH supply kit will pretty much let you grow anything you want in a 75 gallon.

As for hydro brill, try a reef tank with Metal Halide lighting, or in my case, 3 planted tank, 2 with CO2 injection and 5 canister filters and multiple powerheads and heaters. It's best not to think about things like hydro bill if you're going to get into planted tanks. :D
But wait I'm pretty sure there was also a couple [email protected] I think bit there only 36" does that change anything if I do diy lid
36" on a 48" tank means you'll have trouble growing anything in a the 12" with no light (or very low light I guess). As long as you're ok with that and the weird light pattern it's not a problem.
It depends on what you mean by cheap. Just hydrotesting a 10 lb tank is going to run you $25, plus you whatever you pay for fills. So you'll unlikely find a good quality full setup with regulator, needle valve, solenoid, tubing, diffusers/reactor, etc, for < $200 including a tank.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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