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Plants and fish for Ponds, where to find

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Hi guys, i have a backyard with a large pond there. I want to start putting plants in some fish in there, is there any place, like lakes or ponds around vancouver that i can find lilies, etc, and some fish maybe... koi's that was let go because of bad owners. I really don't want to pay a ton of cash for koi's and plants, building that pond already took a huge dent in my pocket. Anyone know of a lake, pond i can find these things? thanks!!
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Have you had the chance to contact one of the sponsors on this forum? Crystal Pond design has a contact number and email address.Aprils Aquarium does bring in goldfish and koi from time to time. If you have time, check out Hawaiian Botanicals in Richmond.They have excellent fish stock and various plants to add to any pond/garden.
April's has a great selection of Koi, goldfish and Comets
I have koi comets and I have pond lilies
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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