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Keeping fish is like Keeping Pokemon...

You train them to eat pellets... or specialty foods
and you try to collect as many as possible (only the best ones)
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wish my magicarp would evolve... his only skill is splash :D
For those who grew up in the Pokemon era or just watched it with ur kids.. know that

Digtrio take a fatal blow by Garadu-owana which is super effective :p....

Ahh its funny mostly because only 5 ppl will get it.

*Hint Digtrio is a worm pokemon and Garadus is a dragon type
Umm actually that would be DUGtrio :D

I used to love pokemon (presumably because of my love of animals and pets rather than dolls and playing house) when I was a kid... I was only into it for the first 150 and the second set of pokemon they released so that would be Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver.

I'm surprised it's still going! Kinda funny though because my neighbors (5 and 7) can talk to me about pokemon and I know exactly what they're saying :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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