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I have received some interest from beginners, and other hobbyists who have been more into the fishkeeping aspect of the hobby than aquascaping. IF you are interested in having someone spiff up your decorative aquarium, or would love to explore installing a living, breathing masterpiece in your home space for the first time, I would love to offer my services and support.

What I do:

- Set up home aquariums
- come up with a variety of concepts for aquascaping a planted or nature aquarium. It's kind of a passion of mine.
- provide recommendations for where to buy your tank and stand
- work with small, and large budgets
- directly source a professional woodworker to make custom stands if desired
- source out hardscape, stones, and plants for your tank
- provide information, tips, and tricks for ongoing care
- provide ongoing care in some exceptional cases

What I don’t do:

- Established aquariums over 200 gallons with physically difficult access/reach into the aquarium (I need to be able to reach the bottom of the tank
- Build or assemble custom aquariums
- Travel beyond the Metro Vancouver area (sorry, at least for now as I still work full time, and still have to care for my 4 tanks at home :)

If interested, please text me or call and leave a message at 604-781-2709.


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