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Pygmys are coming! And more

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Blood red parrots
Congo tetra yellow tail
Electric blue ram 10 pre sold
Kuboti rasbora
Albino sterbai cories
Galaxy rasbora
Brigitte rasbora
Assorted neon female guppies
Assorted neon male guppies
Pygmy Cory
Habrosus Cory!!!!!!!
HASTATUS Cory!!!!!!!!
Red and white oranda 10 cm
Tricolour oranda
Calico butterfly goldfish
Crystal red shrimp
Hygro pinnatifida
Trident Java
Murdannia spp keisak
Nymphoides taiwan
Pogostemon helferi
Stauragyne repens
Fontinia weeping 123
Gratiola viscidula 123
Stauragyne repens 123
Spiky moss 123
Weeping moss 123
Moss balls

End of day . Have to go meet my boxes
I'll have helped Karen here . She knows fish and plants!
Thanks for looking !

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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