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Python Clean and Fill - Good? Bad?

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So with nearly 150G worth of tanks in the house now, I am getting a bit tired of carrying my 3G bucket around for water changes. I'm looking at alternatives, and no I won't take a 5G bucket as a significant improvement ;). I'm sure many of you use or have tried the Python Clean and Fill system. What do you think? Do you like it? Any problems with it? I'd be looking at the 50 foot one.

... Errr... and I have a dumb question: how do you add the water conditioner? Directly in one go into the tank after the new water is in? While it flows in?

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Thanks. Actually I have another question. Just as dumb I'm afraid. What do you do with the water remaining in the hose when you shut off the tap? 50 foot of hose probably makes a decent amount of water. How do make sure it doesn't end up on the floor while you roll up the hose again?
How does it waste water? To clean, or to fill up?
How does it waste water? To clean, or to fill up?
Oh ok I just looked it up and I see why it wastes water. Humm.... yes that's a problem for me too. Maybe all I need is a 50 foot hose to hook up to my tap to fill up the tank. I just siphon the water out into the garden too, so that's not really a problem for me.
Well, if you can use gravity, the python only wastes a small amount of water to start it up. I can't do it, so it's not an option for me. For my new tank upstairs I can use gravity, so I'm thinking about getting a python for it.
Oh ok so you can turn the water off once the water starts coming out and gravity does the rest of for you. Yes that makes sense. Humm I might give it a try then. Thanks.
Cleaning......if you don't want to spend the money on a python because of the expense you can use garden hoses. One for filling and one for cleaning. You can buy the hoses at Home Depot or XS Cargo for about 10 bucks 50 feet.
Yes that's the other option. I didn't realise the hoses were so cheap though. All right. Off to scratch my head now. Thanks.
Reviving this very old thread, just to say that I finally treated myself to a python and did my first w/c with it today. It's grrrreat! I didn't use it to empty the tank because I think it's a waste of water, and emptying is no problem anyway. I have a big 20G bucket and that works fine. But what a difference it makes to fill back up! I don't think I'll ever go back to the 3G bucket madness.

Thank you all who convinced me it would be worth the money. It sure is!
Try gravity feed into the toilet. all you need is to get the water started and the drop from the tank to toilet should keep the flow going.
Actually I prefer to use the dirty water for my garden. Fish poop turns out to be a great fertilizer. :D
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