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Random Free stuff - Maple Ridge

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1) Pool Filter Sand - about 0.5 liter worth, just enough for a big betta bowl. Has some small ADA bits in it

2) 3 assorted older air/co2 check valves - not sure if they are all working

3) 3 misc suction cups

4) 3 soft metal weights for sinking bunches of plants

5) Ikea Vase 10.5"Hx7"D - approximately 1.75 gallon. Used previously as a betta bowl. Lots of little air bubbles in the glass though.

I prefer you take all the free items at the same time.

I'm in Maple Ridge in the evenings.
I'm in Vancouver on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.
I'm in Chilliwack on Mondays, Wednesday, and Saturdays.

I'm willing to meet at or along my way to work. However, I will always prioritize whoever will pick up.

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Bump! Merged my threads!

Also, just a bit of context so I don't get anymore lowball offers on the 21.5gal. Munster tanks are discontinued. I purchased this directly from Corwin who was kind enough to fish (pun intended) this out of his personal stash. I bought this for $140 2 years ago. No this isn't a starfire ADA tank but think of it as a uniquely shaped rimless alternative and also comes with bent glass corners. It is still in like new condition. It will make a nice little show tank.
If your Hydor doesn't sell let me know. I'm interested.
Hydor Heater, Munster Rimless tank, and planter cups are sold.

Just the random free stuff are left.
Gone! Hope you put it to good use!
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