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Re: Live grown out brine shrimp good for marine aquariums.

Thumbs up FS: Brineshrimp excellent meal for marine tanks fishes.

I brought out to local fish store they were impressed how excited the fish were going after the Brineshrimp.

I believe I have mastered the art of Brineshrimp culture.

In fact I have 3 methods of keeping the Brineshrimp long alive in the bag.

I brought a bag to the local fish store and they were impressed with how much their fish loved them, their fish were just darting around.

The only other place that sells live adult Brineshrimp is Live Aquaria (Drs. Foster and Smith)... They charge $12.99 USD a bag and only sell in USA.

I am willing to sell for $10.00 a bag (possibly lower).

I can sell nutritious frozen brine shrimp food that actually clears up the water better than spirulina or nannochloropsis micro algae which I can supply too.
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