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I remember seeing a video on here on how to raise your own red wigglers without any smell and a good way of how to put the bin together, but I did a search, the youtube link is broken now, anyone know where I can find that same youtube video again? Or any good links that'll work nice? And have a good culture that doesn't smell? =)

Thought I ask about this as well, anyone culturing live black worms?
I did some research, sound easy...
Bin... few holes.. few inches of water, strips of paper towel on the bottom, feed daily with sinking pellets (only when it runs out), keep in room temperature, and change water whenever there's too much debris or at least once a week to two!

Anyone found the best way for either?
As I can only somewhat remember what the video said! What exact type of food that I should be dumping in, so the culture doesn't smell?
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