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its probably not worth importing. expect to pay about 200$ + in shipping, customs etc. customs might be hard on you since its a invert.
Here's what I do. They consider ornamental aquarium fish a negligible risk to our environment. I declare them as "Ornamental Aquarium Fish" if you have them shipped give them the AIRS code 03-01-10 (feel free to do a search on AIRS, it will explain it). Have the scientific name available in case they want it.

If you drive them across the border declare them as "Ornamental Aquarium Fish" . Have the AIRS code and invoice with you just in case they send you inside to pay taxes.

Make sure you are clear that they are for aquariums and not for human consumption, but don't push the issue to the point where they are gonna make life tough for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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