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Remaining items for sale:
Minimum purchase $30

Ikea Besta Stand with Glass Top and 4 legs- Brand New, never used- $90 OBO
Ebo Jager 75W Heater- Lightly used- $15
Seachem Equilibrium 600g- $15
Florida Crushed Coral 15 lb bag (used 10%)- $10
Instant Ocean 50 Gallon Sea Salt Mix (20% used)- $10
API aquarium salt 65 oz NEW - $5
Eheim Mech and Substrat Filter Media large boxes- $5 each
Various valves, airstones, breeding nets, Brine shrimp hatchery, sieves, Brine shrimp eggs, etc.- Cheap!

Water Wood Interior design Cabinetry Floor
Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Audio equipment

Minimum purchase $30. Please do not PM me for 1 item if under $30.
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