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Hey BCAquaria,

My family and I are in need of a short term rental near the Watershed, in Delta.

Here's our dilemma:

We entered into an offer to purchase a home in the area, in the catchment for Pinewood Elementary. Our Son starts kindergarten there in September.

We were excited at the prospect of completing our purchase today, with possession tomorrow at noon. We don't have to be out of our condo until Monday.

Just one problem. Today, the sellers refused to sign the transfer papers unless we paid them an extra $22,000 or so (basically enough to cover the Realtor fees, which they are responsible for).

We couldn't afford to do that, even if we had wanted to.

So we have them for breach of contract and will be registering a caveat on title to prevent them from selling the property to someone else. However, I've been told that it could take months or years to finally be successful in suing them for specific performance (where the Court basically awards us the property at the contracted price).

The movers are coming tomorrow at noon and I'm pretty sure I have secured a storage space large enough for our stuff. And like I said, we can keep our current home until Monday.

After that, I'm not sure what we'll do.

If any of you know of a space for rent in the area (we want to stay in proximity to our sons school, and our daughters daycare), I'd be grateful if you could drop me a PM.

We're not looking for any freebies, or discounted rent (we'll happily pay market value), but some flexibility on the length of the lease would be nice, but not essential. Like I said, we could be there for years, or maybe just 6 months.

We are a family of 4, and we have a large breed dog (she's old, and super low maintenance). I do have an aquarium, 75 gallons, which may deter some prospective landlords, but i do carry full insurance for that currently, and intend to get a tenants insurance package once we have a place to live... If the aquarium is a deal breaker I can easily sell the plants and fish and put the equipment into storage. We're both non-smokers.

My wife and I are both gainfully employed with good credit history. Unfortunately, because we have been home owners for the last 10 years or so, references from prior landlords may be problematic.

Any leads or positive thoughts are gratefully accepted!


PS: we're leaving a 2 bed, 950 sq' condo. Small is what we're used to... We can make do with a 2 bed suite/apartment, or a full house.

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So, what a day...

I decided to gain back some control, and try to influence my fate... I rolled up to the house at 8am. It was hard waiting around even that long (I couldn't sleep much). The plan was to reason with these folks, after all, when we met during the home inspection they seemed reasonable people. But I had no idea what I was walking into...

Long story short: they were there when I arrived, and the house appeared almost vacant... I let them know our predicament. They let me know what caused their last minute panic, and we agreed to proceed as we had set out in the contract, and they gave me the keys!!!

So we're in! I spoke to my lawyer today, and as long as their lawyer sends over the papers on Monday, it will be completed.

But we have possession and that's my biggest worry settled!

I have a locksmith coming tomorrow afternoon, and I'll start moving my aquarium in the morning!

Thank you for the positive vibes that you, or someone, must have been sending!!!
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