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Thanks! Some changes down the line will be replacing the slate I have at the back with a piece of dragonstone rock I feel will really fill in that void space. I want to tie one of my anubias I have on the driftwood higher up. It's not doing so great so close to the surface and is starting to develop some hair algae. The tank has a bit of hair algae that periodically grows. I do a quick 5 minute sweep once a week and it's all cleaned up so it doesn't bother me much.

The sagittaria and vallisneria have been spreading like mad. I'm going to move 1 anubias, some of the vallisneria and a few crypts that are being overgrown by the vallisneria over to the new shrimp tank I'm planning. The vallisneria looks awesome in the tall tank so I'm going to let it create a jungle.

The hornwort is just omg, growing so fast - nearly 2-3 inches per day. It will be cut in half and left to float in the shrimp tank, I'm sure they will appreciate it.

The ludwigia I have in there is doing awesome and should reach the top in about a week or two where I will cut in half and start slowly moving pieces into the shrimp tank as needed.

I will be tying moss onto those areas where I moved anubias.

I hope to get these changes done soon then I will take stock of what I have in the tank and finish up the stocking.

Currently there are:
-11 neon tetras
- 3 false julii corydoras
-5 otocinclus

Now the otocinclus are what I'm really going to be searching for. I only ever see 2-3 at a time and no bodies. I have a ton of plants, driftwood and rocks so they very well could be just hiding. The ones I'm seeing, I'm not sure if they are different ones but everyone one I see is plump and active. I know they can be elusive so I'm not panicking. I want to get at least 8 in the tank at final.

I'm also going to be searching for 3-5 more cories and probably get a male dwarf gourami to finish it off. The gourami should help eat the hornwort heh.
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