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rinsing sand and equipment

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I would like to use the sand from my African tank in my freshwater tank. What's the best way to clean them thoroughly?

As for equipment, what's the ratio of bleach and water that I should use for a good clean?

Thanks in advance.
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Easiest way i'd think is to take Small portion in a bucket it and fill it with water and swirl like crazy.

Wait a secound for the sand to settle and pour out the fine suspension.
Repeat a lot, the more sand the more times you need to repeat.

Best to do it outside or in your tub, best part of doing it inside is u don't look like a side-show to your neighbors :p
It doesn't matter how much bleach you use, but it's best to only use it on material that is not porous so none is absorbed (temporarily). If it's just a general clean, I use 10:1. Nasty stuff I use 5:1 and super icky I just straight bleach it for a minute and rinse right away. And do not use bleach on anything with rubber seals as it will dry them out and cause cracking and eventual leaking.
2% bleach. Make sure the africn sqnd doesn't ph up your other tank
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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