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Shrimp question

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hi everyone
my question is can blue rilli shrimp be kept with CRS or redtailed tiger shrimp ?
im asking as i have 4 blue rilli shrimp & i wanted to get eather CRS or redtailed tiger shrimp but i dont want them to breed with each other

also if anyone breeds blue rilli shrimp im looking for more of them
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I believe so. Blue Rili can't keep with other Neo unless you want wild brown color.

Dwarf Shrimp Compatibility Chart


You will have wait for 1-2 months because Dazalea just sold several hundred of them before his euro trip. I just received 30 of them today and they are healthy and beautiful shrimps.
@outsider ok & ty for the info chart :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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