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Hey! I'm sorry to hear FLuffy isn't feeling great :( Hopefully with the help of some other members we'll be able to help him out!

First of all. I'm very impressed with your commitment to water changes. However, it's generally not expected that you change 20% of the water every single day, especially with 5 gallon tank. You can safely change 30% of the water once weekly assuming your tank is cycled. Are you doing these frequent water changes because the fish is sick or just out of habit? Water changes can bring changes in temperature and pH, both which are stressful for the betta. Are you matching temperature, dechlorianting the water, and letting the water sit overnight? I am pretty sure you already are but I just wanted to get those grounds covered in case you aren't.

How long has he had that "bump" for? Was it there when you bought him? Sounds a little fishy! *no pun intended*

Food! How were you feeding the fish? What kind of foods and how much of it? If you were feeding freeze-dried foods or pellets, have you been soaking them before feeding?

It's totally possible that your fish has some sort of infection that compromised the swim bladder... the raised scales make me think that twice as much. I do recognize that the bump may not be infection-related and perhaps just a cyst, but I sort of feel like it's infection related. I'm curious to know what other members think. A picture(s) would help out tremendously.

The snails do add a little bio-load to the tank. They produce some physical waste, mostly just poo, but in my experience not exactly as you have described. I'm assuming you have pond snails, and their sticky eggs (stuck to surfaces and not flying around) do NOT produce free swimming larvae that cloud your water. If what you are seeing is long white and slimy looking ( and connected), I am almost tempted to say that you are seeing your fish's slime coat that has fallen off him. This often happens when you do a water change and water parameters are not matched exactly, especially in pH and temperature. Seeing that you do large frequent water changes, I am tempted to say that you are stressing him more than helping him even if you try to take precautions.

The swim rot may not be poor-water quality related in your particular case. Your water is changed VERY often and parameters seem fine.

For now, I would take some pictures and post them on the site for other members to see. Stop doing water changes in risk that you are stressing him out, but feel free to take daily tests. Antibiotic treatment may be a good idea for your instance. I feel like it is an internal infection of some sort (gram negative bacteria), and the fin-rot bacteria can probably be treated with the same medication. I like maracyn products but I am sure some members will suggest otherwise. I don't feel like constipation is the culprit.
Do not move him over to the 1 gallon tank yet for treatment until you hear back from more members. I never find it wise to take just one person's advice.

P.s. if you want to get rid of the snails, put a piece of cucumber in the tank over night and you'll have a stick of snails the next day. Discard them all.
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