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Some good news from the fine people over at The Dogwood initiative ( ):

Since you helped bombard the National Energy Board with faxes urging the rejection of Enbridge's permit extension, something marvellous has happened. The NEB (in what may be their first-ever display of backbone when dealing with Big Oil), sent the following in a letter to Northern Gateway president John Carruthers:

The Board is suspending indefinitely its consideration of the application to extend the sunset clauses of the Certificates and is not accepting any further comments on it, including comments from Northern Gateway.

So what happened?

Well, first Enbridge failed to get a single oil producer in Alberta to sign on to use the pipeline -- a combination of low oil prices and opposition here in B.C. scared them all off. Without those shipping contracts Enbridge was scheduled to lose its permits, according to the terms of the NEB's original approval back in 2013.

When Enbridge went groveling to the NEB for an extension on its homework, that's when you stepped in. Because the NEB would only accept public comments by mail or fax, 3,687 Dogwood supporters bombarded their fax tray in Calgary, creating a stack more than 14 inches high.

As NEB staff were manually stamping, scanning and uploading each faxed message to their website (an arduous task that could have been avoided by just taking public comments online), a federal court decision came down overturning the Harper government's approval of the Enbridge pipeline.

In other words, the judges tore up the certificates Enbridge was trying to get extended. The NEB is no doubt overjoyed to be out of the hot seat. Now the only way for Enbridge's oil tanker project to survive is if they, or Prime Minister Trudeau, applies to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal the decision.

The deadline for that is September 22 -- we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy this victory knowing that Enbridge is one step closer to a final defeat… Helped along by 3,687 paper cuts from vigilant citizens in B.C.

Hope you're having fun this summer,

Kai Nagata

Communications Director, Dogwood
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