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Snakeheads, FH

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My sponsorship runs out on this site in a couple months, still not sure whether I will be renewing or not. Thus, this could be the last order I arrange on this site.

I have a couple empty tanks to fill and have decided to get some Flower Horns.

I have someone else considering various fish in this order, but I need to get a bit more demand to bring up the number of boxes to reduce the shipping cost.
Below see a list of snakehead species I can bring in. I know that some of these are already available locally, others not. If you see anything you want, let me know and I will get a quote. I apologize for not having the quotes ready for these species right now, still need to hear back from the supplier, calculate final shipping, etc.

ICE&Fire Channa Channa sp. 4-5"
Golden Cobra Snakehead Channa aurantimaculata 6"
Golden Cobra Snakehead Channa aurantimaculata 8-10"
SPOTTED VIOLET SNAKEHEAD Channa stewartii 4-5"
Redtail Dwarf snakehead Channa gachua From ASSAM 4-5"
Rainbow Snakehead Channa bleheri 4"
BLUE Rainbow Snakehead Channa bleheri BLUE 3.5-4"
Burmese Orange Snakehead Channa pulchra 5"
Cobra snakehead Channa marulius 3-4"
Cobra snakehead Channa marulius 5-6"
Giant Snakehead Channa micropeltes 2"
Giant Snakehead Channa micropeltes 3"
Giant Snakehead Channa micropeltes 4"
Giant Snakehead Channa micropeltes 5-6"
Splendid Snakehead Channa lucius 2-3"
Splendid Snakehead Channa lucius 3-4"
Splendid Snakehead Channa lucius 6"+
Striped snakehead Channa striata 2"
Striped snakehead Channa striata 3"
Striped snakehead Channa striata 4"
Albino Striped snakehead Channa striata Albino 2-3"

I have a very good Bangkok contact I have used many times. I want to import a few Flower Horns for myself and so I will open the order up to others. I will set a flat price of $50 per fish. Special bonus: Buy 6 for $250. Price includes all taxes and shipping. Provide me a name and a photo of any specific species and I should be able to source it. If it is a particularly hard fish to source then the price could be higher. See photos below for some available fish and what kind of quality can be expected:


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please pm prices on

BLUE Rainbow Snakehead Channa bleheri BLUE 3.5-4"
ICE&Fire Channa Channa sp. 4-5"
Redtail Dwarf snakehead Channa gachua From ASSAM 4-5"

thanks theo
I am waiting for prices on snakeheads, will let you know.

As for the FH, my recommendation is to just choose from the four kinds I posted photos up of; the names of the FH are in the file name of each photo.

Prices as listed earlier, firm.
Hmm, seems they do not have as many snakehead species in stock now as they have listed in their catalogue.

Only four variety available now, prices as listed below:

"Golden Cobra Snakehead Channa aurantimaculata 8-10" $60.00
Rainbow Snakehead Channa bleheri 4" 20.00
BLUE Rainbow Snakehead Channa bleheri BLUE 3.5-4" 20.00
Albino Striped snakehead Channa striata Albino 2-3" 20.00

Prices listed above are for pre-orders, are all inclusive.

PM if interested
does your contact have any pictures of the aurantimaculata???
Just Google the fish names for photos. The source for these fish is highlyt trusted by me. I have personally met the owners and have imported various exotic species from them many times.
This order has "legs"; by that I mean there is now critical mass to make it happen. I am too busy to put all the jig-saw pieces together, have recruited my good 'ol partner Derek (lo sai) to take on the enviable role of contacting everyone to arrange payment, etc. :)

The Thais are as hillarious as ever, answering emails every other day or so, always two steps forward one step back. As mentioned, I have dealt with them many times over the years and have met them personally, so if they tell me the order will happen, it will happen. It may just happen according to Thai time (cue Hakuna Matata theme song from Disney's Lion King :rolleyes: ).

This could be part of Derek's graduation to taking over the Vancouver operation of Dragonfish... ;)

From here on out, all pm's to be sent to forum member: lo sai
keep the pm's coming
please contact me instead of stratos... as I will be placing this order through.
any price on the fire and ice, i've sent an e-mail , i'm pretty excited lol
Looks like I have to phone up the Thais to find out what is up...:rolleyes:
I have no idea of their cost, but I can ask.

For you other people waiting on the snakehead/FH Thai order, I still have not gotten around to following up my emails with a phone call. I am not sure what is up with my suppliers down there right now.

are you guys still trying to put through an order for these SH's co-worker is still very interested!

i want snakehead, i want snakehead, i want snakehead. bring them in asap because i do not find any snakehead that i want in vacouver. thanks theo
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