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This is a SW tank setup I took down a week ago from our restaurant.
No time to take care of it.

The whole setup was from KingEd 3 years ago.
Tank and Matching Stand:
- a 4 foot glass tank with tempered bottom. Drain pipe is in placed for the sump tank (TruVU, detailed below) inside the stand.
- 2 flip glass tops
- diemnsion: 4' x 23" deep
- matching stand, black with tinted glass swing door.

Sump Tank:
- TruVU brand,
- dimension: 8" x 12" x 19.5

- JEBO brand, 4 foot
- the compact and low profile style is equipped with a modern aluminum housing and a highly-polished reflector for optimal lighting
- It does not have a protective acrylic lens cover,
- and lamps 2-65 watt actinic and 2-65 watt 10,000k compact fluorescent lamp included. (age - I dont know, I think you need to change them)

SORRY, no filter or skimmer. Those are parted before I tear it down.

Asking for $380 or obo

Picture the tank setup before tearing down.


Pic of the sump

I still have some sand, crushed coral and unused pumps sitting around, I might throw them in if you need them.
Also, you see those 3 piece of live rocks inside the tank, NOW, they are sitting in my yard DEAD, you may use them for reef build.
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