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It's been a great tank for 3 years ,for me, now. Hate to get rid of it, but it's been up-sized and no room to store it, need gone ASAP

I believe it was a Marineland set-up
20 gallon (24"x12"x16.5") glass tank with canopy and light( fairly new bulb 18" Aqua Glo 15 watt)
Black Stand 24" tall

also included are:

Penguin bio-wheel 110 HOB filter
50 watt heater
25 pound bag of gravel (Came from J & L Aquatics)
I think I may have an extra bulb as well

Tank needs a little cleaning up but in great condition

no leaks or chips and I didn't see any scratches
Stand is in good condition as well

Everything overall is 8/10 condition

Asking $55 (the stand alone would cost that new)
Pick up only I have no vehicle
Pick up location is a couple blocks away from Lougheed Town Center

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