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Hi everyone!

I'm switching my lighting around in the next month and have two options. Hear me out and tell me what you think. The goal is to have solely T5HO lighting.

I currently have on my tank:

Coralife 48inch 4x65watt Freshwater Aqualight
Hagen GLO 48inch 2x54watt T5HO
2x R2 Moonlights

Option 1:

I sell only the Coralife fixture and simply replace it with a 2x54watt fixture. Which do you recommend? Nova? Hagen GLO? Coralife has one out now as well...

Option 2:

I sell both fixtures with moonlights and replace it with a 4x54watt fixture that covers the whole tank and has moonlights already in it. One inparticular that I found quite attractive is the AquaticLife 4x54watt fixture...pretty fancy digital components:

I like option two the best, personally, but it's a more costly road. I'd use the money selling the fixtures towards it of course. I'm a substitute teacher and work is kinda off and on right now, so income is all over the place. Also just got married, so the wife and I are a bit money conscious :)

Now, with my current fixtures on the chopping block, I have to think about how much I should ask. How would $275 for the whole lot sound? Is that fair? Then it's only about $135 for the AquaticLife fixture. I can deal with that.

Any other good deals on fixtures? Better brands? Let me know!
Thanks for your input!

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