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hi everyone i have to leave the Hobbie of keeping fish :(

I need everything gone as soon as posable

First person to come get it all for $30 takes it all

Betta Fall 3 compartments with filter

Aqua clear 20 power filter

Marina 75 air pump

6 driftwoods + 6 decrotive Rocks for fish or shrimp tank

Aquean 200wat heater

2x thermometers

Bag of 9 fake plants small to large size

1 Med Cichclid cave rock

1 med blue cleaning magnet

1 Fluval shrimp food 90%full

also a bag od frozen bloodworms & brine shrimps

its first come first to get i will not hold

here is a pic of everything :)
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So Call Me at (604)302-9337
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