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Upon adding the final gouramis, 5 platys, and 6 rummy nose tetras all hell has broken loose.
Since adding them 2 days ago to the existing peaceful 2 dwarf gouramis, 10 neon tetras, koi coloured betta and pleco, I have "lost" 3 neons and 2 rummy noses.
3 of the rummy noses are a hearty 1.5" and the others quite large.

Platys, gouramis and betta all seem to pest them. The rummy nose especially. They are stressed. Only sometimes school ( as they are only 4 now) the neons are down to 8 and hide. Really hide.

I feed 2x day flake and designate betta pellets to betta.

46 gallon bow from, Fluval 306, soft water 6.9 ph, 78.5 degrees

So do I remove rummy nose to a 10 gallon with a different lone betta? He is my only betta untested with other fish.
Or accept the possible (and upsetting) annihilation of all tetras in this tank?


My only other tank is a Fluval edge with a monster betta that kills everything.
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