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Just wanted to Thank the guy at Richmond IPU with helping me get my chronic Water problem under control.

110 G - 7" Arowana tank
Ph was <6 (using API test strip)
Nitrate = ~30 ppm
Nitrite =0 ~ppm
3ppm Ammonia
kH = 0
gH = 0
Temp = 30 C
Filtration = "160" GPI with combined setup

Was using pH neutral with every weekly (~50g) every water change to help control pH.

Was advised to do a water change, and add Stability for 4 days straight along with Alkalinity something (to increase kH) gradually over a few days.

My Ammonia has dropped to ~1 and i'm set to do another water change.

I also added a Ammonia removal media to the filter, Is this a good idea? I did this on my own just wondering if it like Activated carbon where its best used in some cases.
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