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50Poecilia reticulataRed melazona endler's guppy (In pair)
10Xiphophorus helleri Koi sword (Sanke) L
20Xiphophorus helleri Lyreatil red calico sword
60Paracheirodon innesi Neon tetra M
25Otocinclus affinis Midget suckermouth catfish
35Iriatherina werneri Threadfin/featherfin rainbow ML
55Popondichthys furcata Forktail rainbow
Pseudomugil gertrudae Spotted blue eye M
65Danio rerioZebra danio
75Pangio kuhli Kuhlii loach ML
Caridina cf cantonensis sp. "tiger"Tiger shrimp
Caridina cf cantonensis sp. "tiger"Tiger shrimp
Neritina natalensisRed spotted snail 1.5

Next week more cool things.
Tropica and another fish shipment t

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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