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Thinking about starting a scud and blackworm culture

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I'm currently in the planning stage of going into raising live foods. I've done a bit of reading online, but was wondering about other people's personal experience. I'm thinking of scuds and blackworms and I was wondering whether they can be kept in the same tank or do they have to have separate ones.

I was planning on keeping them in 1-2 gallon containers (probably a Sterilite or Rubbermaid container). Which is preferable, a taller but thinner container or shorter but wider container? Do I need a sponge filter for them? Or is an air stone good enough? For food, I'm thinking about feeding them fish flakes, sinking pellets, and filter squeezings.

If there's anything else that you guys can add, that would be great!
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I know that introducing species to other waterways is bad since they can become invasive, but if they're going from a pond to my tank I wouldn't be affecting the environment in any way (other than removing a few scuds).

Based on this, it seems like they just don't want you to accidentally introducing fish and inverts in places they shouldn't be. It seems like taking some scuds for your aquarium should be fine, but with that said, I'm not going to go look for them in the wild. I was planning on buying from Patrick from the start and it was actually his website that got me interested, knowing that there's a source of live food available locally. Although I think I might back off the blackworm idea since I'd have to buy in bulk.
I could be mistaken, but it's more likely they don't want one to rid of them after one grows "tired" or "let's it free", ie. snakeheads, goldfish\etc, turtles. Not that it matters, like you said, if you can get some off Pat, that'd be a good start, just double check.
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