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It is going to be another intense week for arrivals!

On the freshwater front we are expecting the following shipments!

Thailand More Bettas of course and assorted tropicals including more awesome Figure 8 puffers!

Indonesia Assorted tropicals

Singapore Assorted tropicals including those amazing large long tail Rams we had a few weeks back!

Hong Kong Assorted tropicals and exotic Goldfish

Vietnam Tank bred Cardinal Tetras small and large and mixed tropicals

Sri Lanka More amazing Guppies this week!

Taipei 500-600 Japonica shrimp 600 Cherry shrimp! Cherry shrimp are a feature starting this weekend so if you miss out, there will be more coming through the week!

Peru Our long anticipated shipment is due to arrive later this week!

Marine shipments

Vanuatu More of our exclusive high quality hand caught marine livestock!

Tonga Expecting a huge coral shipment!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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