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I read a few days ago about a post on Sump, and from that all i can remember was something about using a Canister filter as the pump.

and was thinking of hacking my 10 gallon tank into a sump.

Here is what i have to use to make it:

- 10 G tank
- Fluval 105 ~85gph
- egg crate
- sponges / filter pads
-ducktape :p

With this would i be able make a functioning Sump?

Things i don't know enough about is the Sump...

If i have a tube siphoning down to the Sump, can i slow it down using a valve? or will it stop the siphoning?

Will the flow of a fluval 105 be to little (~85gph)? of it actually working
How do a match the flows? Sump in and out
- time and volume method? or is there another way

Should i have the sump in a tanker bin/tank to prevent leaks?
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