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My deep appreciation and thank you very much for all the feedbacks.


Ladies & Gentlemans,
Dear members & friends,
Respected guests,

After 18 month of preparations in which
I had to lower my expectations to minimum
and make huge efforts expend my limits
boundaries a new aquarium was born.

Please allow me to share with you the results
of the initial set-up that includes general system
check up and very humble presentation of new
LED light fixture for planted aquarium.

Thank U for all the people that gave feedbacks
and my deep apology if I missed someone.

The envelope that I received.

The words that was written.

The first side.

The second side of the drawing that
my little daughter made for me.

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LED Light for planted aquarium

My friend and I worked in the past six months
on that project, It was important for us to create
LED light fixture that is equivalent to a pair of
54 watt T5 high quality fluorescents.

We took into consideration the light wavelength
combination that will help create photosynthesis.
Optical components were integrated in order to
produce maximum light scattering in the water from
top and all the way down to the substrate.

A lot of thought were given to the practical
aspects so we designed 3 operational modes;

Mode 1- Main light
Main light includes 3 illuminations levels;
Low, Medium and High that will allow maximum
flexibility while one monitor the plants growth.
Illuminations levels also enable to easily create
the course of sunrise-Midday-sunset light as a
reflection of natural behavior of sun light in our planet.

Mode 2 - View
View mode can be very useful for general
inspection and maintenance at any time of the
day or the night, on top of that the View mode
will illuminate the aquarium in nice and bright
light and that can be also very helpful when
guests arrive to visit while the main light is off.

Mode 3 - Moonlight
Moonlight is integrated in the fixture.

General information
The LED light pushes at least 2,500 clean luminous
and power consumption is up to 45 watt, we also
install digital controller and the fixture is water proof
Length 122 cm, Width 4 cm, Height 2 cm.

General view of the LED fixture that is design for planted aquarium.
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