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Incoming shipments next week!
Hopefully all your wishes and dream fish!
Sunday night shipment one .
Cardinal tetra
Rasbora axelrodi blue
Copper harlequin
Neon blue acara
Fire mouth
Peppered Cory
Pygmy Cory
Habrosus Cory pugmy
Tricolour crowntail betta
Zebra shrimp new
Assorted Thai oranda
Assorted short tail ryukin
Calico butterfly goldfish
Black shrimp
Blue rili shrimp
Crossing fingers all arrive

Tuesday Tropica plants

Thursday night another fish shipment

Albino sterbai
Denisoni 7-10 cm preorder
Sterbai Cory medium
Fire shrimp some ordered
Yellow fire shrimp gold top
Orange cherry shrimp
Orange rili shrimp some
Bloody Mary shrimp
Green jade shrimp
Blue oranda
Chocolate oranda
Hara jerdoni some ordered
Bolivian ram
Green neon
Rasbora espei
Brigitte rasbora
Rebuscen rasbora

Of the shrimp they said limited so here's hoping .
Stay tuned for what's coming
The bag
Lot preorder fish should be arriving and many more.

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Hi April,

I'm interested in the rasbora axelrodi blue if they actually arrive and are healthy!

Also maybe the habrosus cories and the hara jerdoni (bag order)

Thanks :)
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