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Value of being a sponsor?

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Here's a curious question.
My sponsorship is due for renewal.
How many of you feel that me being a sponsor is easiest for you all to see what's coming.,messaging me etc?
With fb page and website , YouTube page, photogram, etc etc..I am on the web updating constantly.
It seems that a lot of sponsors barely post in their section, and other websites and businesses are still promoted heavily without being a sponsor.
Drawbacks would be that I am not meant to get messages about my shop with no sponsorship.
I'd say most people use fb pages now.
Perhaps my sponsorship money would be better spent on a shipment .
Yeah or nay. Thanks april
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Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Most Important Social Media.

You can't beat April's friendly and knowledgeable service!!
As a data point, I don't look on Youtube or FB for vendors, but then I guess I'm old school. I'm with ninez. Maybe you should establish a mailing list April. Like Spencer Jack's. I should probably just get your mobile so I can text you. Then you can save your sponsorship money. :D
Once you're established there's a multitude of ways to get the word out. Even the old fashioned telephone!

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I can do a mailing list..but wasn't sure how many people would want emails. Of course it wouldn't be overdo! Just when a new shipment comes in.
Thanks Ninez!
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Tony I don't do phones! I answer. But never call. Lol. But text is good...
Tony I don't do phones! I answer. But never call. Lol. But text is good...
Text and whatsapp are used by most of us anyway. :) I'll drop by your shop to chat once I'm off crutches in a couple of weeks.
Haha yeah. Dropping by works too. Gives me an excuse to go to Dairy Queen down the street

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I don't do Facebook - but I am on twitter. Have you ever thought about tweeting out stock lists and shipment info? Email works too.
Scroll to the bottom of the homepage on BCA and note there are now 747 active members, a far cry from the 1500+ of several years ago. If the regular use of this site has gone down by 50%, perhaps the sponsorship fee should go down by 50% too? Just an idea.
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Haha yeah. Dropping by works too. Gives me an excuse to go to Dairy Queen down the street

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In my case it is the burger etc next door. =P

April, It makes no difference to me since I always check store website such as island pet and aquarium west for new shipment or deals.

I can still message you on the forum if I need something and see if you can get it.

I think the benefit to be a sponsor on BCaquaria is allow new member know the existence of your shop. Personally I won't know your shop exist if you weren't on the sponsor list. (Same apply to KingED, Canadian Aquatics and Fantasy Aquatics.) Sometimes people are lazy, they want to get all the information at one location instead check several websites. However at same time if you think the money you saved from be a sponsor can help you improve your shop and shipment perhaps that is the way to go.
i agree with outsider with finding new shops. There's so many I would never know about in the years I've been here. And some that I wouldn't go unless I knew they had certain fish due to location. It dose help knowing what new fish are coming into stores so you can pick the nicest ones. Yes a Facebook or email would take care of that for the older members. For new members looking for new stores it wouldn't work.

I found your store April threw bcaquria
I really like the convenience of seeing all the news/sales of all the LFS/sponsors in one place. Then being able to ask questions on the website as well.

It drives me crazy when I have to check several websites - IPU, Aquariums West, Rogers's, King Ed's etc throughout the week.

To be honest I don't bother checking their websites, I also don't go to those stores anymore. I still spend my money with the sponsors at BCAquaria.

I hope that you get a reasonable rate to renew your sponsorship.
I rarely use Facebook. I still find BCAquaria the most useful site, but it does seem to be dying. Since it became a business venture, nobody seems to be taking the time to nurture it. I definitely agree that because of the lower traffic, your sponsorship fees should go down.
I read awhile ago that Twitter may be closing its doors. It's lost popularity lately. I use yelp . I'll most likely resign . I also have the sponsor page I can use till it expires. So if I do go missing check that sponsor page for updates.
Thanks for all the feedback. It seems it is easiest to look on bcaquaria to see who's got what and contact.
I also do still enjoy reading each day the new posts.
I've to see more discussions on species, care, etc going .
I say don't bother renewing. Much easier to update your website with what you are bringing in. I'm not a big fan of posting prices. I think the idea would be to draw people into the store so we look at what you have and inevitably find something to buy whether we need it or not

This site has lost a significant amount over the last 3 or 4 years. Very few interesting discussions where you learn new things and people seem to ask the same questions over and over again because they don't know how to use the search function :bigsmile:
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I am not sure what sponsor ship value is but personally I support those who support me.

If the same product is available from a sponsor vs a non sponsor I would buy it from the sponsor.

Example #1
Got back into Discus and had 2 choices. CAF or King Fish Imports. Both had what I wanted but CAF sponsors this forum and Simply Discus, 2 forums I use. Guess who got my money, Canadian Aqua Farm did.

Example #2
I run my pointing dogs in competitions and they are run off horseback. That means they run very big and sometimes get lost so I am going to invest in a GPS tracking collar. There are 2 main companies approved in our trials, one made by Garmin and the other made by Sport Dog. Garmin invests huge dollars into our sport both at the international and national level but also at the small local level. Guess who is getting my money, yup Garmin. These arent cheap either, $800 for a single transmitter and a single collar, I have 2 dogs and my father has one as well. Thats a whole lot of money being spent on 2 units before fall.

If a Sponsor is willing to support me, I am more than willling to support them.
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For me mailing list and your website will do. It might bring more traffic to your site and forum as well.
I have never looked on Facebook. I come here for info of maybe Google for shops
I barely come here anymore, maybe once a month or so. It's becoming more and more of a ghost town and that's the cold hard truth of it. Other sponsors are getting very little traffic on their pages, I've noticed. I will come here mainly to check your arrivals and your sales, but I can do that on your site or instagram without having to come here. If you feel you are getting a lot of business through your sponsorship here, then it is probably worth your while to stay.
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