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Im Cleaning out my old aquarium box and have the following items for sale.

Digital Aquatics reefkeeper Lite with temp probe and ALC (everything working as new) - $SOLD
tunze9002 skimmer, works as should, also have a RSM130 media basket - $30
Vertex refractometer - $15
Coralife 96w CF bulb - $10
100w eheim mager heater - $10

I also have heatsink kit with bunch of rapid/modular blue/white cree leds attached was originally in the hood of my RSM130 and worked really well with the reef keeper. not sure if I still have the meanwell drivers but they are easily ordered online. would need some of the leds re-attaching and a little bit of work but would make an excellent light for a sump or small reef, it was really bright - $60

Items are in Poco until end of march. i will delete times as they sell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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