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Various plants for sale + angelfish

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I have many varieties of plants for sale at a limited quantity.

alternanthera $1.50 a stem

anubias $4 for a 1cm rhizome.

rotala indica (I think ) $5 for 15 stems

rotala bonsai $2 per stem.

Frogbit $5 for two bags or $3 for one bag.

spiky moss $10 for golf ball size

valisneria $2 (sold out)

rotala rotundifolia $5 for 15 stems

duckweed $1 for what you see

water lettuce $3 per bag

java moss $5 for golf ball size

I also have angelfish (pre dime size) for $3 each

Also willing to trade.

Will only ship out unless you live in port moody or coquitlam. Minimum order of $20 that includes shipping. Contact me at [email protected] or on instagram DM me @lizzysfishies

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