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As request I did a video of my comm and close up pic of the comm. Just add 2 oscar from Earl and they are even smaller then my clown loaches :). Aw embed doesn't work

My favorite aro HBRTG

HBRTG with flash

No Flash

My maju red 12" no flash and white light

With flash

see my cheek :D

BBXB and Red

Marble blue xback rescue member

Marble motoro ray, the disc got bit by the male all the time but she is not ready for it yet.

laticeps ray

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Very nice pics! Vid doesn't work.
some how youtube embed doesn't work, oh and your oscar sure hungry, I feed my aro and they go for it now their belly like gold fish now :).

looks great [email protected]! cant wait to do my aro comm ...

yours is my inspiration [email protected]!
Good luck Justin, you will need it :D.

I like the motoro, how big is it ...

Nice classic HBRTG ... from Panda ?

The Maju SR looks very nice for a 12". Red cheeks up to the head already.

Thanks for sharring !
Motoro I got from Charles awhile back and she is the least eating in my tank so she is around 12" and got so many bite mark from the male ray.

The HBRTG is from panda and it is my first aro so I have lots of care for it more then others.

I'm still shaking my head....BEAUTIFUL collection. Thanks for posting.
Thanks, I do shake my head sometime when they fight and injure each other. I always have melafix and aquarium salt ready to use.
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