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So this weekend, another member, out of ignorance, sold me a wag that had dropsy.
IMO you are not in a position to say another member sold you a sick fish. I would suspect it became ill under your care. And I think its rude of you to Call Francis out as "copying from google" when you quite apparently don't do your own research and he was so kind as to do it for you.

You are being rude to other members, accusatory, and now you have a fish for sale? From the same tank>?

People here have been very very kind to you, offering advice, giving you their time. Try to bear that in mind the next time you post a return message, on this thread of others. This may be "your" thread but this is a community board.


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Dear Dear Lisa,
Stop running into arguments through which you are not prepared.
Please please stop picking on ME!.
The member that i bought the fish from is ****( PM me if you want to know)
. I messaged him almost the same day of the sale. And he conceded that the fish was sick. I can show you copies of the message. To prove it to you!

I wasn't aware that it was Professor Francis. And to your information My exact words was not " Copied from Google"

But since you said google. I did run a google search and this is what I found

I have nothing wrong with people using information from the internet to answer questions. But at least show your sources. Otherwise, There is a name for that behavior.
its called plagiarism.
Q: Why is my fish sick and how do I prevent more illness?

A: Probably 80-90% of diseases in captive fish can be prevented by avoiding stress. Stress weakens fishes' immune systems, leading to increased susceptibility to disease. Actually, diseases and pathogens are almost always present in tanks, but a healthy fish's immune system will prevent them from being a problem. Some of the most common stressors for captive fish are:
Poor water quality: measurable ammonia or nitrites, or very high nitrates.
The water temperature is fluctuating more than 2 deg F/day
Incompatible species in the tank.
Too many fish in the tank (5 adult angelfish in 10g tank).
The tank is too small for the fish (foot long fish in 10g tank).
The water is too warm or too cold for the species (goldfish vs. tropicals).
wrong pH for species (Discus vs. African cichlids)
pH fluctuations greater than 0.2 units/day.
Insufficient cover or hiding places present.
Wrong water hardness for the species (Discus vs. African cichlids).
Insufficient oxygen in the water.
Improper fish nutrition (wrong food, foods not varied).

Thats copied from one of the links you provided above...
and it seems to me you have done many of them, at your own admittance..Between this board and the last I have read of quite a few. You can appreciate how I may have assumed it was you and not the seller, I hope you realize its not a picking on you, rather upset for fishies dying in your care, and what appears to be a cavalier attitude of same. My intent is to stand up for others on the board, as well as be an advocate for the animals we keep.

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